Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Netflix has added the first Sun & Moon episodes to the program

Pokémon: Sun & Moon was aired in Japan from November 2016 to November 2019. Overall, the series includes 146 episodes in three seasons are divided.

While the first two seasons are already available on Netflix, the platform has now added the first part of the third season with German voice output.

So you won't miss a legendary pocket monster.

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27 episodes of vacation and new adventures

After Ash has passed big trials in the previous seasons, more adventures await him in Sun & Moon, where he and his classmates come into possession of new Z crystals, make new friends and learn how to surf mantaxes.

Of course, the Sun & Moon are also full of rivals – for example Tali, whose arboretoss is a great challenge for Bauz.

When the rest of the season will find its way to Netflix is ​​not yet known. We'll keep you up to date.