Netflix: Netflix and more – the streaming tips in August

Series from Germany and Denmark, plus Hollywood cinema and a slightly different excursion into the world of H.P. Lovecraft: Even if there is a holiday mood right now, the major streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Co. also have some news to offer in August. Here are five tips for the coming weeks! If you want to know what else Netflix has in August, then take a look at our overview!

The Rain (Netflix, Season 3, August 6)
The successful series The Rain comes from Denmark and depicts the life of several teenagers in a post-apocalyptic world. A virus has wiped out almost all people in Scandinavia. One way to save humanity is through the young Rasmus, who survived the catastrophe in a bunker with his sister Simone. But is Rasmus' way really the right one? Season 1 of The Rain was still popular, but not everyone liked the path the second season took. The hopes of the fans for a worthy conclusion are all the greater.

The horror series Lovecraft Country

Turns Lovecraft upside down: the horror series Lovecraft Country.

Source: Sky

Lovecraft Country (Sky, August 17th)
Another look at the Cthulhu myth by H.P. Lovecraft offers the Lovecraft Country series. Based on the book of the same name, the focus here is on the journey of the young black Atticus Turner through the USA in the 1950s. Accompanied by his uncle, Atticus searches for his father. The search leads them to New England, where not only is there a racist secret lodge, but also powers beyond Atticus' imagination. Responsible for Lovecraft Country is none other than Jordan Peele, who has already got a knack for subtle horror with Get out and Us.

Biohackers (Netflix August 20)
Dark has shown how good series from Germany can be, Biohackers wants to make a trend out of it. The student is the focus of the series

 The Biohackers thriller series.

Another Netflix production from Germany: the thriller series Biohackers.

Source: Netflix

Mia, who is starting her first semester at the University of Freiburg. Not only does Mia and star lecturer Tanja Lorenz share a secret, there are also illegal gene experiments taking place on the unicampus, which could fundamentally change the course of human history.

Gemini Man (Amazon Prime August 23)
Thanks to digital technology, there are more and more Hollywood films in which actors can be realistically rejuvenated or aged. This film by Ang Lee from 2019 goes one step further. Here the aging contract killer Henry Brogan (played by Will Smith) fights against his 25-year-old clone (also played by Will Smith) and tries to find out who will finally put him in the Want to send retirement.

Aquaman (Netflix, August 25)
For years, Aquaman was nothing more than a joke, Jason Momoa made him a real superhero in 2018. Actually the ruler of the oceans, Aquaman alias Arthur Curry gave up his destiny. It was only when his brother wanted to involve the oceans and the world on the surface in a war that Aquaman returned to his old home. Even if the story isn't hyper-innovative, Aquaman shows the colorful, fantastic side of the dark DC universe – something that the film series could use very well at the time.

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