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Documentaries, series, films: In August 2021, the streaming provider Netflix will once again deliver a colorful mix of programs. You can get a first glimpse of it with the August program trailer, which introduces you to some of the highlights on Netflix in summer 2021.

There are new program highlights from Netflix for August 2021 in the trailer, which introduce you to some novelties. Among other things, there would be (from August 3rd) the documentary Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord, which deals with the career of Maximilian S. from Leipzig, who introduced drugs to people from his children’s room. The series How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast), the third season of which will be released on July 27, 2021 on Netflix, is also inspired by the case. The documentary on cult figure Bob Ross, which bears the subtitle “Happy accidents, fraud and greed” (from August 25th), will also certainly cause a stir. OO

Action with Lara Croft, Harley Quinn and Jason Momoa

In the film-drama Sweet Girl Jason Momoa goes on a vengeance campaign from August 20, 2021, in the film Beckett, however, John David Washington tries to escape from people who seem to be looking for revenge across Greece after his partner April (Alicia Vikander) apparently died in a terrible accident (from August 13th). Enjoy the brightly colored and wacky DC film Birds of Prey: The Emancipation Of Harley Quinn (from August 9th) – and even more action with Alicia Vikander, this time as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider (from August 23rd). Also in August 2021 you can watch the court drama Just Mercy (from August 9th).

The series Hit & Run will be more full of drama and action, in which a man in search of the truth about his wife’s death gets caught in “a dangerous network of lies and intrigues” that spun from New York to Tel Aviv (from August 6th).

Comedy with Sandra Oh and Schulnerds

The entertaining Netflix series in August 2021 include The Professor, in which Sandra Oh, known from Grey’s Anatomy, shows her comedic talent (from August 20). The films Kissing Booth 3 (from August 11th) and One like no one (from August 27th) are more in the direction of romantic and funny entertainment among school leavers. In the latter, the school nerd is transformed from the overzealous school sweetheart into a sexy version of himself.

Of course, more awaits you: Vivo – Voller Leben, a new, charming animation film about the friendship between a girl and a monkey (from August 6th). Cooking with Paris is an absurdly staged reality show with Paris Hilton (from August 4th), which entertains, among other things, with its shopping antics in the supermarket. Fans of The Witcher take a look at the anime Nightmare of the Wolf, which deals with the past of Vesemir and the Witcher Order (from 23.08.). Did you like to clean up with Marie Kondo? Then comes the series Glück und Freude with Marie Kondo (from August 31st).

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