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Netflix is ​​increasing the prices for two of the three subscriptions in Germany. As the company announces, the monthly costs for the basic package remain unchanged at 7.99 euros. On the other hand, the standard and premium subscriptions are becoming more expensive: While the standard package now costs 12.99 euros (previously: 11.99 euros), the price of the premium subscription has even increased by 2 euros to 17.99 euros per month. The price increase applies immediately to new customers. Existing customers should be informed about the new costs soon – at least 30 days in advance.

There should be no change in the scope of services. While the basic package still allows one stream, the standard and premium packages allow two or four parallel uses. The same applies to the number of smartphones or tablets with a download function. The series and films made available on Netflix are identical in all three subscriptions – there are no deviations here. However, differences can be seen in the resolutions.

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While the cheapest basic package only offers SD resolutions, the content can be played back in HD quality with the standard subscription. Ultra HD resolutions are only possible with the premium subscription. It is now the fourth price increase on Netflix since 2015. Which Movies and series in January 2021 on Netflix subscribers wait, you can read it in a separate article at this link.

The new prices at Netflix in Germany

Basic package: 7.99 euros (without change)
Standard: 12.99 euros (previously: 11.99 euros)
Premium: 17.99 euros (previously: 15.99 euros)

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