Attention horror fans, October means well to you. Right at the front is of course The Walking Dead again. Season 11 of the main series is currently running on Disney +, season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead starts on October 18 on Amazon Prime and the second season of The Walking Dead, World beyond, starts on October 1 on Amazon Prime.

Also eerily beautiful: the film series Welcome to Blumhouse (from October 1, Amazon Prime), Night Teeth (October 20, Netflix), the Taika Waititi series What we do in the Shadows (seasons 1 and 2, 13. October, Disney +) and Wellington Paranormal (October 12, Sky), as well as the first season of I Know What You Did Last Summer (October 15, Amazon Prime). But don’t panic, our streaming tips aren’t just about series and films to make you scary.

Black Widow (6. Oktober, Disney+)

Whoever wanted to see the solo adventure of Marvel superhero Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, had to shell out additional money for it. From October 6th, all Disney + customers will finally have access to the film. In Black Widow, Natasha is confronted with her past and with the mysterious Red Room. Will she manage to reconcile with her adoptive sister Yelena to stop the program?

Black Widow: Final trailer for the MCU film with Scarlett Johansson

Bright, Samurai Soul (12. Oktober, Netflix)

Rumors of a sequel to the 2017 film Bright have been around for a long time, now Netflix is ​​bringing out at least a prequel. The animated film Bright, Samurai Soul is set in Japan at the end of the shogunate and accompanies the people Izo and the Ork Raiden as they protect a young elf who has one of the mighty walls that can change almost everything in the universe of Bright.

Bright: Trailer for the anime – does it work “better” than the real film?

Army of Thieves (29. Oktober, Netflix)

In the prehistory to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, there are no undead, but many break-ins. The story of Safe-Knacker Dieter and how he got his job is told. He’s actually just a simple crook until one day he is hired by a mysterious woman. Their goal: to crack the safest safe in Europe and steal a lot of money.

Army of Thieves: First teaser trailer for the Schweighöfer zombie film

Inside Job (22. Oktober, Netflix)

What if all, but really all, conspiracy theories were true and there was a small unit in the government that was responsible for it

Inside Job

What if all the conspiracies come true? And how much office work does that make? That’s what Inside Job is all about.

Source: Netflix

is to make sure they stay a secret? This idea, no longer overly original since Men in Black, at the latest, gets a funny spin in the animation series Inside Job. Because the audience also experience the everyday office life of the main character Reagan, who is responsible for covering up the conspiracies. The series is produced by Shion Takeuchi and Alex Hirsch, who have already worked together on Gravity Falls.

Lucifer, Season 6 (October 25, Amazon Prime)

But this time for real: After the devil should have already taken his hat at the end of the fifth season of Lucifer, the series finale is now actually coming with season 6. And the starting position could not be interesting. Not only did Lucifer manage to get back to heaven at the end of season 5, he’s even reigning god there! Lots of responsibility for the former prince of hell, but maybe lots of fun too.

Which films or series are you most looking forward to in October?

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