Netflix: Soon no longer in the program

from Matthias Brückle
The end of the month is approaching, which is why some films from the Netflix range are flying again. We'll tell you which they are and which you shouldn't miss!

Netflix's program is constantly changing. New films and series are added to the program every Monday, but many also disappear at the end of the month. So that you don't miss a movie in this way because you missed it as part of the Netflix subscription, we are introducing the 23 titles that are only available on Netflix until July 31. We provide films that are particularly worth seeing with a Tip!-Feature.

These films fly out of the Netflix program on July 31

  • "2012" (catastrophe film): idiotic story, but huge pictures – Tip!
  • "Assassination Classroom The Movie: 365 Days" (real anime film)
  • "Baaghi – The Rebel" (Bollywood action film)
  • "Banksy Does New York": Street documentary
  • "It doesn't get any better" (tragicomedy): Jack Nicholson as a melancholy bastard – Tip!
  • "Crazy Stupid Love" (romantic comedy): Charming RomCom with stars like Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling – Tip!

Pure chemistry: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love

Pure chemistry: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love

Source: Warner

  • "The best comes at the end" (comedy
  • "Dear White People" (satire)
  • "The Deposit Cop" (Comedy)
  • "The Martian" (Sci-Fi): Thrilling adventure about saving an astronaut stranded on Mars – Tip!
  • "The Island of Special Children" (Fantasy)
  • "The Simpsons – The Movie" (animation comedy): The fun cinema appearance of the best known cartoon family – Tip!
  • "Fitoor – Forbidden Love" (Bollywood Romance)
  • "Escape from Alcatraz" (drama): gripping classic with Clint Eastwood – Tip!
  • "Love and Let" (Romantic Comedy)
  • "Michael Jackson's This Is It" (music documentary)
  • "Mrs. Doubtfire" (comedy): cult film with a brilliant Robbie Williams – Tip!
  • "Otto – The Film" (Comedy): Comedian Otto Waalkes in his big screen appearance – Tip!
  • "Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus" (Fantasy)
  • "Percy Jackson 2 – The Cyclops" (Fantasy)
  • "PK" (tragic comedy)
  • "Rang De Basanti – The Color Saffron" (Bollywood drama)
  • "Tamasha" (Bollywood-RomCom)
  • "The Bomb" (experimental film)

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