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Netflix had already released a preview of the program for August 2020. In addition to new films, new series are also waiting for members of the video service in the coming month. Until then, certain content must leave the offer. It is now clear which series and films will be removed from the Netflix program by the end of July. Jupiter Ascending and Out of nowhere will be removed on July 23. Rambo 1 through 3 are only available on Netflix until Friday. We have the list ready in the article.

Netflix is ​​removing other series and films from the program. It is now clear what content the video service will remove by the end of July. For a better overview, you will find a list below with the series and films that are only available on Netflix for a few days. Already on July 23, the provider will remove the films From the Nothing, Colombiana, Jupiter Ascending and Proud Mary. Rambo, Rambo 2: The Order and Rambo 3 will only be available until Friday on Netflix.

Black Heart and Granblue Fantasy: The Animation will also be available on Netflix through the end of July 2020. We have the complete list with the individual dates below this message. Because Netflix always secures the rights of the new series and content for a certain period of time, some content must also leave the program.

Which Series and films on Netflix in July 2020 on the other hand, are new to the program, you can read this link in a separate article. A Preview of the new content in August we also have ready. Among other things: The Centennial Season 1. The Colombian series – available from August 14th – is based on real events and is about the attack on the Central Bank of the Republic in 1994.

There are also new episodes of The Rain: Season 3 starts on August 6th on Netflix. Film fans get fresh supplies with Secret Beginnings, Jackass Number 2, Alpha and London Has Fallen. In the coming days, the full list of all new series and films on Netflix should follow in August 2020.

Netflix: These series and films will leave the range by the end of July 2020

July 23
Out of nowhere
Jupiter Ascending
Proud Mary

24th July
Rambo 2: The Mission
Rambo 3

July 25th
Hampstead Park: prospect of love

30th July
The Chefs' Line

July 31
100% Hotter: Fewer instincts more
Black Heart
Granblue Fantasy: The Animation


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