Not only fans are swept away by the Witcher boom that has been going on for weeks. Netflix is ​​also visibly happy with the monumental success of their series The Witcher. They are even so satisfied with their witcher that they promptly advertise a job for "Witcher employees for security".

Since The Witcher made its debut on the streaming platform on December 20, it has quickly become one of the most popular series on Netflix. According to Parrot Analytics, it is currently most popular series in the world and dethrones Disney's The Mandalorian. It is hardly surprising that a second season is already being planned. Now Netflix is ​​going a step further and shows with one of theirs vacancieshow much they enjoy the hustle and bustle of their new fantasy series.

"Monster slayer wanted to graduate from a recognized witch school"

In their very funny job advertisement, Netflix is ​​looking for a Witcher who is responsible for the security of its 158 million users and is passionate about problem solving.

"Are you a self-motivated, results-oriented lone warrior? Do you have a passion for problem solving and monster hunting (literally and figuratively)? Are you enjoying crossing your silver sword with magical beasts? If so, then let go for an exciting job offer from Netflix! "

Do you have an "innate understanding of the lesser evil and the greater good", have a "four-year degree from a recognized witch school" or "since then that the worst monsters are the ones we create" are you the perfect candidate for this job, Other requirements for you are:

  • Be able to repeatedly lift several hundred pounds overhead
  • Don't be afraid to work independently and be alone for a long time
  • Feel comfortable in all types of work environments, from the city to the swamp, from the forest to the mountain

If this description applies to you, you can send an application to and philosophize about your experience in a one-minute video. These videos can appear on Netflix social media channels so that even the last bard in the tiniest of chests sings your adventures.

What characters have you encountered on your adventures?

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A great move by Netflix and a great move to give fans the opportunity to express their love for the franchise. How do you like the campaign and how excited are you for the second season? Let us know in the comments.