Netflix and Sony Pictures came up with something nice: the streaming service and film studio have agreed on an exclusive multi-year deal that includes Spider-Man, Jumanji and other content. But there is a catch.

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Hammer deal: Netflix gets Sony films first

The film portfolio of Sony Pictures has a lot to offer: In addition to Marvel hero Spider-Man, for whom the film rights are now at least partially shared with Disney, Sony holds the strings for other characters from the Spider universe in hand. There are also hits like the newly launched Jumanji franchise or the Bad Boys series. All this and more should be exclusive to Netflix from 2022 run – there are restrictions, however.

With the deal, Netflix has secured the “first pay window”, so Sony has committed itself to offering films to Netflix first. The competitors may only try their luck after they have rejected a film. In addition, it was agreed that the Streaming rights only after the cinema window unlike what HBO Max has been doing since Wonder Woman in 1984.

Some well-known highlights from Sony are affected by the agreement: the video game adaptation Uncharted as well as the story of the vampire-like Marvel anti-hero Morbius – originally an opponent of Spider-Man. Also the eagerly awaited sequel to Venom could go straight to Netflix after the movies.

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Spider-Man, Morbius, Jumanji: Also in Germany on Netflix?

In theory, Netflix only has one kind of right of first refusal, but it is very unlikely that this selection will not be chosen. Especially since an unspecified acceptance guarantee has been negotiated. So Netflix can’t just buy, they have to.

The deal doesn’t just include movies: Loud announcement Netflix customers can also look forward to films produced directly for streaming. Sony wants to produce the direct-to-streaming projects in addition to the “normal” program.

There is still uncertainty for German fans: the announcement refers to films made for the United States. So it is quite possible that Spider-Man, Morbius and Co. will end up on Netflix later in this country – or move to other providers. With the content produced for streaming, Netflix explicitly addresses the global audience.