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The Redeemed Citadel was finally restored in Neverwinter and now shines again in all its glory. Now the time has come for you and Zariel's army to begin the final attack against Avernus. Play with the brand new race of Aasimar and craft epic equipment in the newly unlocked forge. Milestone IV of the Avernus update for Neverwinter is now playable on PC! The release on Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will follow shortly.

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The final milestone of the Avernus extension for Neverwinter has gone online on PC. The MMO is also now available in the Epic Store. Neverwinter: Official screenshots for the third Avernus update.PcPS4XBO

Neverwinter: "The Redeemed Citadel" – third Avernus update on PC online

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Neverwinter: "The Redeemed Citadel" – second Avernus update on PC online

Neverwinter fans are getting more! The second update of the Avernus extension has now gone online on the PC.

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