Neverwinter: "The Redeemed Citadel" – second Avernus update on PC online

from Karsten Scholz
Neverwinter fans are getting more! The second update of the Avernus extension has now gone online on the PC. You can expect, among other things, the temporarily available special campaign "The Redeemed Citadel" as well as new quests, challenges and rewards. You can find all details about the update in the message.

With a press release, those responsible at Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have launched the second content patch for the Neverwinter extension Avernus announced. With the update, the events around Zariel will continue: You should now help to build a Citadel of Light in the Nine Hells. You are advancing the restoration of the Bleeding Citadel by reaching four major milestones.

So you slay fiends, master heroic encounters in Avernus, complete quests of the sacred register of the deputation and take part in weekly challenges. In this way, you gradually expand the citadel with new rooms, which in turn unlocks additional content.

The new update specifically provides the following content:

  • New room – the war room: This room is home to high-ranking followers of Zariel who offer players challenging and deadly new quests.
  • New Heroic Encounter – Fel Attack: In this new heroic encounter, the infernal legions will attempt to retake the Redeemed Citadel.
  • Mount Upgrades – Mythic Quality: Players can now upgrade their mounts from common to mythic quality. Upgrading to Mythic Quality increases a mount's movement rate, power, and number of insignia slots.
  • New Artifact – Annihilating Light: The Devastating Light is a powerful leaderboard reward that allows players to cast a spell that is otherwise only available to Zariel.
  • New Trial – Normal Version of Zariel's Challenge: Players can now challenge Zariel in the normal version of this trial to test their skills and prepare for the master version of this encounter. The exam will become available once the episode 2 milestone has been completed.
  • New hunting targets: Players will hunt down devils and demons for rewards.
  • Weapon set available: Players can now purchase the Blessed Weapons set from the dealer for Zariel's favor.

The following new rewards await:

  • Teleport Scrolls for the Redeemed Citadel
  • Saint Zariel (companion)
  • Tears of the Redeemed (Reagent for Restoration of Blessed Arms)
  • Box with astral diamonds

Neverwinter: "The Redeemed Citadel" – official screenshots (Source: Perfect World)

The second update for Avernus will appear on the consoles at a later date.

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