Since its debut in Kirby’s Dream Land in 1992, the Pink Ball has spawned many games in numerous genres. In addition to jump ‘n’ run titles, Kirby has already been a protagonist in a racing game as well as in puzzles and games of skill. And now Kirby is getting his very first 3D adventure in the style of a Super Mario offshoot.

The trailer for “Kirby and the Forgotten Land” was shown at the last Nintendo Direct. The title will appear exclusively for Nintendo Switch in spring 2022. For the first time, players can explore different 3D areas with Kirby. His special abilities help him to overcome obstacles or to get opponents out of the way. The video shows an abandoned game world that was apparently once animated by a civilization. What happened to the residents, players will probably find out together with Kirby.

In 2018, Kirby Star Allies was the last main game in the series to be released for Nintendo Switch. In 2019 there was a free-2-play title called Super Kirby Clash.

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