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Details of a new activity feature on the PlayStation 5 have surfaced on the Internet. According to a now deleted preview of WRC 9, players have the option of starting selected content from a title directly from the main menu of the console. In the past, this function was always discussed. An official confirmation from Sony is still pending.

According to Sony, there will still be some surprises in the coming weeks when it comes to new features of the PlayStation 5. One of these features is said to have been introduced in a preview of GameReactor Spain. These are activities that allow players to launch special missions, game modes and other items from a title directly from the home screen of the console.

In the preview, the function was explained with WRC 9: World Rally Championship. Thanks to the activities, races and other parts of the racing game can be selected here – without going through the actual menus of the game. It looks like the article went online a little early. The preview for WRC 9 has since been removed from the website. However, it's not the first time we've heard of such a feature for Sony's next-gen console.

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Mark Cerny (system architect of PS5) already spoke about a similar function in October 2019. Again, it was about the ability to access special multiplayer game modes or missions from the console menu without detours. In addition, a patent was filed by Sony in March 2020, suggesting macros for the PS5. Developers can offer elements of their game as small widgets, which can then be called up directly from the console home screen. PlayStation 5 will be available in stores later this year.

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