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Again some alleged leaks around Resident Evil 8 have been found. According to these, the production was not started again and maybe we can play the horror game in the coming year.

Resident Evil 8 is a game that has hit the headlines recently due to many alleged leaks. Now another has appeared.

So it should currently be about Resident Evil 8

This is what the new leak supposedly says about the game:

  • The rumor that the game was stopped and that development should have started all over again is wrong
  • Discussions about the logo design and whether the game has an "8" in the title are pointless, since a lot can change
  • Release may be in 1.5 to 2 years
  • Setting: Eastern Europe or an adjacent country to this area, RE 8 should play in a village with a snowy landscape
  • A lock plays a role, but it is smaller than that from Resident Evil 4
  • Players can look forward to a medieval backdrop and corresponding design of the enemies
  • Not real werewolves, but wolf-like beings
  • One or more witches will hunt Ethan
  • Something that sounds like the "Hookman" appears, but it is something new
  • Zombies wear knight armor and swords
  • The game is more action-packed than Resident Evil 7, closer to the gameplay of the DLC "Not a Hero"
  • The game director has been with Capcom for a while and was previously an executive producer behind the scenes. He should still be on board
  • Chris returns, but with a surprising twist

It is currently not possible to say whether there is anything wrong with these leaks. We just have to wait until Capcom officially announces Resident Evil 8.

Source: WCCFTech

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