New ambitious and huge game in progress

from André Left
The development studio Hello Games is working on a new project. According to the company's founder, Sean Murray, it is a huge and ambitious game that is likely to have similar dimensions to No Man's Sky.

The developer studio Hello Games recently released the new puzzle adventure The Last Campfire exclusively in the Epic Games Store, the Steam version will not follow until next year. Nevertheless, the team is not resting on its laurels, but instead is working diligently on its next project. Apparently it is much larger and more extensive than the most recent work.

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At least that is what the company founder Sean Murry said in a recent interview with Polygon magazine. Accordingly, it is a "huge, ambitious game like No Man's Sky". As a reminder: No Man's Sky is a space game in which you can explore numerous planets, which in principle all have different (living) conditions and thus above all appeals to the exploratory spirit of the players. The scope of this game is huge, which of course raises the bar for the team's currently still secret project. According to Murray, a large group of employees is already working on the game, but no further references or even tangible information are known to date.

However, Sean Murray and his team are keen to learn their lessons from the past in general and the work on No Man's Sky in particular. He wants to incorporate the experience gained into the new project, from which it should ultimately benefit.

The Last Campfire: Debut trailer of the new game from No Man's Sky makers

Source: Polygon

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