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Insights from the Alpha of WoW Shadowlands demonstrate further changes in character creation: Our heroes will appear in the future with particularly impressive armor. It starts with the Warriors Alpha Server.

The developers of WoW want to make our entry into the game in Shadowlands more pleasant, which is demonstrated by more and more innovations that we can examine on the Alpha server. While new hairstyles, tattoos and other design options naturally also provide a lot of fun for many years of players, the structure of the character creation of the MMORPG is of course primarily aimed at newcomers. The new, more modern layout with class selection at the bottom of the screen and Völker options on the left and right has been on the Alpha servers for a while. Now the preview armor has also been changed – at least for one class:

The character creation


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What armor do warriors wear in Shadowlands' character preview?

The warrior bears in character creation the battle hall's class hall setthat we got in the Legion expansion. The chic outfit is much more impressive than the previous armor preview and promises future WoW players a brighter future – at least as far as MMO fashion is concerned. In addition to the armor, the warrior also gets a fancy ax – in a double pack.

The new character creation - Orc Warrior.

The new character creation – Orc Warrior.

Source: Buffed

So far only new armor for warriors – probably temporary

The fact that so far only warriors have borrowed a new outfit for the preview is due to the fact that this is the Alpha. The other classes of WoW (buy now for € 14.99) will probably gradually get new rifts. It is of course interesting whether it will be the class hall set for everyone, or whether the developers will choose a specific set for each class.

What do you think of the choice of religious armor? Would you rather see warriors in a different set in the preview? Write us some!

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