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Nostalgia and adrenaline attracted over 356,000 viewers to the channels of the German streamers Trymacs and Papaplatte, who had organized a Pokémon Base Display for 40,000 euros. They broke the audience record in Germany.

Old Pokémon cards have been an interesting investment for some time and more and more people from all kinds of areas are jumping on the bandwagon. Opening original displays from 1999 is particularly exciting and is therefore ideal for streams and videos.

The base sets alone are now worth 40,000 euros. The German streamers organized exactly that Trymacs and Cardboard platewho signed up for this stream from the Pokémon YouTuber TheZeroOfTime brought on board. The big goal of every base display opening: Holo Charizard. The card is valued at $ 50,000 in best condition.

The mix of nostalgia and gambling currently attracts an extremely large number of people. With over 356,000 viewers, the two Twitch channels from Trymacs and Papaplatte – which both broadcast the same thing – pulverized the old Germany-wide audience record on the streaming platform of 328,000. It held – or still holds if you assume a single channel – Knossis horror camp.

Basically, the event attracted significantly more viewers, because some of the 30 boosters were sold to other streamers, some of whom also broke their own audience records. The people in the streams of the other streamers cheered for them. Spoiler: The holy Holo-Charizard for 50,000 euros was unfortunately not drawn, but some other interesting cards, as you can see in the linked stream above.

Trymacs wants to continue opening Pokémon displays from Monday. Then there is a Team Rocket Display for 12,000 euros.

via: my-mmo

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