New Batman game could be launched in August

from Andreas Bertits
DC Comics has announced the new digital event DC FanDome for August. There will be talk about a new game from WB Games. Is it about the new Batman game that has been speculated for some time?

On August 22nd at 7 p.m. you can follow the new digital event DC FanDome, which is organized by DC Comics. There will be an announcement from WB Games during the event.

Are we finally getting to see the new Batman game?

It is suspected that Warner Bros. will finally get the new one during the event BatmanGame presented that has been speculated for so long. But that is not confirmed. The new game is apparently coming from WB Games Montreal, which would fit in with the announcement. Another indication of the launch of a large new title is that WB Games actually wanted to introduce something during the now canceled E3. Without E3, the announcement must now take place in a different context and the DC FanDome event fits very well.

But it is of course conceivable that something else is shown. Rocksteady, for example, is also said to be working on a game set in the DC universe. Maybe it's another Lego game with the DC superheroes.

In any case, journalist James Sigfield of Geeks Worldwide believes that this is a very specific game from WB Games Montreal: "Sometime between now and August 22, WB Montreal will confirm participation. It remains to be seen whether this will be accompanied by an official announcement , but we'll be able to take a look at the new Batman game on August 22 at the latest. "

James Sigfield said some time ago that, according to his information, the new game is a kind of soft reboot for the Batman Arkham series. A game that takes place in the same universe but starts a new story. This Batman title could already appear this fall. It is not known whether for the current console generation or for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamingbolt

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Warner Bros. Interactive is supposed to be before the sale

According to recent reports, Warner Bros. Interactive is currently close to being sold. Warner Bros. Montreal's new Batman game is said to appear earlier than many fans suspect. (1)

New Batman game is supposed to come earlier than many fans think

There are new rumors about the next Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal. In the near future there will probably be no information about the new Batman game.

Announcement of the new Batman game is probably still a bit late

Until the official announcement of the new Batman game, you have to be patient for a while.