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The character creation in WoW has hardly changed over the past 15 years. With the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, Blizzard developers are revising this feature. So they not only give us a new interface for creation, but also give the classes iconic armor and appropriate animations.

While many systems in WoW have been continuously improved and modernized over the years, the character creation remained at the WoW Classic stand and has long been out of date. In the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, the developers will finally take on this feature and bring it to a fairly current level. This not only means that you will get significantly more character customization options in the future, but also a new and modern interface. In addition, we are no longer presented with boring and barely armored level 1 heroes, but rather to the teeth armed combat machines in iconic armor.

In the latest patch, which also reflects the first status of the soon-to-start beta, the developers have now also implemented combat animations. As soon as you select it in the creation, each class carries out one or more animations that are representative and typical of the selected class. The warrior jumps through the area, druids turn into cats, magicians throw ice and fire through the area and monks roll uncontrollably. This is to give players a much better feel of what to expect when they choose one class or another when creating a new class. In the following video we have clicked through all the animations with different races for you.

WoW Shadowlands: The new character creation in the video

Of course, this feature is rather small and will hardly let anyone fall into jubilation. But along with the new Exil's Reach tutorial, it's another step in the right direction, WoW (buy now) to make it clearer and more interesting for beginners.
How do you like the animations – fitting or should the developers have used others?

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WoW Shadowlands: The new character creation in the video

With the launch of the WoW Shadowlands beta, Blizzar d’s developers have also redesigned character creation. Instead of a static level 1 hero, we are now presented with characters in iconic class armor that perform animations typical of the respective class. This gives newcomers a better overview of what to expect with each class.

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