of André Linken
Sony has published a new commercial that should introduce you to the PS5 in more detail. In the very stylish video you can expect an introduction to the most important features of the NextGen console.

Among other things, you can see the inner workings of the PlayStation 5, even if only in part. For example, the video introduces you to the SSD hard drive, which is supposed to ensure particularly short loading times in the games. The DualSense controller also makes a brief appearance: In this regard, Sony highlights both the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback in the commercial, which together create a more intense feel. can.

Features such as 3D audio support, ray tracing and some graphic aspects (up to 120 frames per second, 4K resolution, etc.) are also presented in the video. There are no gameplay scenes from PS5 games to be seen in the commercial, but at least you get a good overview of the console’s performance.

The PS5 was launched in Europe on November 19, 2020 – in Japan and the USA, the starting gun was fired a week earlier on November 12. There are two different models to choose from: the PlayStation 5 (buy now ) and the PlayStation Digital Edition. The only difference is that the latter variant does not have a drive for discs and all content must therefore be obtained digitally. However, there are still delivery bottlenecks for the console half a year after the launch.

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