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With the presentation of the DualSense controller, Sony could also have given the first indications of the design of the PS5. In cooperation with designers, the website LetsGoDigital has published the first drafts of a possible housing design for the PlayStation 5. The concepts are based on the DualSense model – and show the new Sony console in two colors. The publisher has not yet presented the final design of the PS5. The PS4 successor is expected to be launched at the end of the year.

With the DualSense, Sony has introduced the new controller for the PS5. The publisher has fine-tuned the design: The DualSense looks rounder than the previous DualShock gamepads. Sony is also making changes to the color scheme. "This time we took a different direction and opted for a two-tone design," the company said when it presented the PlayStation 5 controller. The standard controller is therefore available in the colors white / black. The previous standard controllers usually only had one color.

Sony could have given hints to the design of the PS5 with the presentation of the controller. It is quite likely that the console – matching the controller – also comes in a white and black look. The website LetsGoDigital worked with the designers Giuseppe Spinelli and Jermaine Smit on the first drafts – and uses various mockups to show what the design of the PlayStation 5 could ultimately look like. You can find two of the pictures in our gallery.

The LetsGoDigital website provides additional images in the individual articles – we have linked them below. Which design the PS5 finally comes with will have to be seen. Sony continues to keep details of the optics under lock and key. As soon as we receive further information, you will find out as usual in our news area. The release of the PS5 is announced for the end of 2020. So far, Sony has not given a specific date. We summarize all information about the PlayStation 5 in a separate article under this link.

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