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At the start of the third season of The Cycle, players can look forward to more content and gameplay changes for the competitive quest shooter. Skill-based matchmaking is now part of the title. The highlights of the new update include the Prospect Station, which will serve as a social hub for all players.

The YAGER development team started the third season of The Cycle a few days ago. Under the name "Stormchasers" all players of the competitive quest shooter can look forward to new content and improved gameplay. For example, skill-based matchmaking is making its debut in The Cycle. Players are now divided according to their skill level in order to make games in the shooter fairer. In the launch trailer for the start of the third season, there is another look at The Cycle.

There were also changes to the title's crafting system. In the future, only one currency will be needed here to produce all objects or mods for a match. In addition, Primetime and Ronin are two other prospectors to choose from. Another highlight is the new Prospect Station. This is a social hub where players can not only communicate with each other, but also take on new missions or craft items.

To celebrate the new season, the creators have also made a "Rogue Starter Pack" available for a limited time, which you can get free of charge until July 22nd Epic Games Store can pick up. Exclusive in-game items include the new "Rogue Thrill Seeker Prospector" as well as a vehicle, melee weapon and weapon skin. According to YAGER, the package has a total value of 35 euros. With the Fortuna Pass, you can collect up to 150 additional rewards throughout the season. Buyers of the Gold Pass unlock the two new prospectors directly.

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