It won’t be long before you plunge into the adventure of Resident Evil Village and you will meet some interesting characters in the game world and mess with villains. But who do you have to be prepared for?

Lady Dimitrescu and the other lords

The almost 3 meter tall Lady Dimitrescu has her own castle, in which she lives with her three daughters, but she is only one of four lords who work for Mother Miranda. You have to take on all four lords in the game. That means, as cool as Lady Dimitrescu is, she and her daughters are just one of several boss opponents.

The other lords are:

Karl Heisenberg

The engineer Karl Heisenberg works and lives in his family’s factory. You can usually see him walking around with a huge hammer and a cigar. He made killing a game that also includes torture. In Resident Evil Village (buy now 69,99 € ) you have to survive the dangers of the Heisberg factory, which looks very modern for the rather medieval-looking place.

Salvatore Moreau

The grotesque figure is reminiscent of the creatures that you have dealt with in the other games in the Resident Evil series. Moreau lives on a reservoir near an old fishing village. Apparently a kind of giant whale-like monster lives in the lake, which can also be seen briefly in the latest trailer.

Beneviento woman

The scary Donna has an even more creepy doll named Angie, which she always has with her. Donna herself is completely dressed in black and hides her face behind a veil. Since she is speaking through her doll, it is not entirely clear who is really in control. Is Angie alive? Donna Beneviento and her doll live in the Beneviento house, which is on the outskirts of the village in Resident Evil Village. This house should contain many scary elements and remind of the setting of Resident Evil 7.

For legal reasons, you can find the pictures of the Lords via the source link below. From May 7th, you will meet the creatures in Resident Evil Village yourself.

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