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The latest Nvidia GeForce Game Ready driver package 441.87 is available for download at the start of the entertainment fair CES 2020 (Las Vegas). Among other things, Nvidia adds RTX support for Wolfenstein: Youngblood, has fixed some known bugs, and lets users set new options such as a frame rate limit that saves electricity, among other things.

Yesterday, Nvidia released a new driver package just in time for the start of the CES week. Also our colleagues from PC Games Hardware report about it, The Entertainment and electronics fair CES 2020 has officially started today in Las Vegas. The first keynotes from participating manufacturers were launched yesterday. With the new GeForce Game Ready Driver 441.87, Nvidia brings some innovations for owners of GeForce graphics cards since the GeForce 600 generation. The Download for Windows 10 (64 bit), for example, is just under 530 megabytes,

RTX support for Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Among other things, the GeForce Game Ready driver package offers 441.87 ray tracing effects for Wolfenstein: Youngbloodthat can be used with graphics cards from the GeForce RTX series. Nvidia has also implemented general optimization for the game in the new driver package, as well as for Monster Hunter World: Iceborn. Bright Memory: Infinite and the latest version of Quake II RTX.

Frame rate limit

Nvidia has also integrated a cross-game function for the driver menu to limit the frame rate (FPS, frames per second). This can make sense for two reasons: First, electricity can be saved if the graphics card does not always calculate as many images as it could theoretically create. Because for many games in which a good graphics card easily achieves far more FPS than the monitor can display, the additional FPS do not bring any advantage. On the other hand, you can avoid unsightly tearing effects with a limit value that matches the monitor. You can also find more innovations in the driver package in a news from Nvidia,

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