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Bungie starts Season 11, the season of arrival in the online shooter Destiny 2 and has announced the next major expansion with "Beyond the Light". Many new adventures await you.

Bungie launches today, June 9th, not just Season 11, the arrival season, for the online shooter Destiny 2, but also announced the expansion "Beyond Light".

This awaits you in the season of arrival

The current story of Destiny 2 (buy now for € 12.99) continues with the arrival season around 9pm today. A dark omen appears and the guardians search for answers in the shadow of the pyramid ship.

Destiny 2: Game Season Trailer for the Arrival Season

  • New dungeon: The new dungeon "Prophecy" comes up with a secret. You unlock the new DAITO blacksmith armor and revised "tests of the nine" armor sets.
  • Decipher the darkness: Throughout the season, you will discover messages of darkness on Io. You have to decrypt these messages.
  • Public contact event: Public events await you with the newly released pyramid ship on Io.
  • New rewards: By focusing new engrams, it is possible to choose your rewards yourself. In addition, the engram focusing system gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your rewards.
  • New equipment: Get new weapons. Season pass holders also directly unlock the new "Dürresammler" exotic grenade launcher and the seasonal armor set.

A big new story awaits you in "Beyond Light"

On September 22, the new expansion will be released, which continues the story of Destiny 2. You come to the real danger of the pyramid ship that reappeared with the season of arrival and was on the way to our solar system for months. The dark empire rose from the power of the pyramid ship over the moon Europa. With the expansion, you can expect a changed universe with new adventures and new skills for your Guardian.

Destiny 2: Trailer for the Beyond Light expansion shows gameplay

  • Explore the moon Europe: In "Beyond Light" you make your way to Jupiter's moon Europe, where you explore the icy borderland, infiltrate a Bray-Tech facility from the Golden Age and uncover a secret slumbering under the ice.
  • Use the dark: Use the new power "Stasis" alongside Arkus, Solar and Void to eliminate your opponents with powerful Supers. Titans, warlocks and hunters can use stasis in different ways. Details on stasis will follow in the summer.
  • A new raid: Under the frozen tundra of Europe you will discover the deep stone crypt. In the 6-person raid you will receive valuable rewards if you emerge victorious from the raid with teamwork.
  • The rise of Eramis: The scattered houses of the fallen have built a new empire on Europe under the banner of the fallen cellar of darkness, Eramis. Eramis embarks on a journey into the dark, clashing with the Guardians.

Destiny 2 gets a new expansion. (59)

Destiny 2 gets a new expansion. (59)

Source: Bungie

It is now possible to pre-order the Destiny 2 expansion "Beyond Light":

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light Digital Deluxe Edition

• Destiny 2: Beyond the Light expansion + full year of seasonal content (four seasons in total)
• With pre-order: Exotic frost crystal ghost cover and legendary badge
• Exotic gesture "tapping means freezing"
• Exotic pulse rifle "No time for explanations" with catalyst and ornament
• Exotic Sparrow "Every Other Horizon"

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light Collector's Edition (exclusive to the Bungie Store)

• Beyond the Light Digital Deluxe Edition (digital code only)
• Die-cast replica "Splinter of Darkness" with lights
• European explorer bag
• European explorer canteen
• Enigmatic logbook
• And other finds from the moon Europa

Destiny 2 gets a new expansion. (1)

Destiny 2 gets a new expansion. (1)

Source: Bungie

Source: press release

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