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The new Hearthstone expansion Akademie Scholomance is now live! 135 new cards, 40 dual class cards and a new mechanic called Magic Boost await you. There are some goodies to be dusted for the release.

Hearthstone players have been able to plunge into the new Academy Scholomance expansion since last night (6/8/20). WoW players will immediately know what the new set is about: The dark dungeon in the western Plaguelands. But the Hearthstone version isn't that dark. There are also dark secrets in the school of magic, but otherwise it's a bit friendlier than in the WoW scholomance. Because in Hearthstone the ten classes are apprenticed to Kel'Thuzad before he became a lich.

Hearthstone: Academy Scholomance put to the test

As mentioned, wait again 135 new cards on you. 40 of which are so-called Double class tickets. As the name suggests, these cards combine the skills of two classes. For example, you can play a rogue / magician servant who gives you a random magician spell by combo. In a magic school, the focus is of course on magical effects. Accordingly, it works new mechanics magic boost even if you play a spell. Cards with the addition of a magic boost have a star icon at the bottom of the card and trigger additional effects if you cast a spell in the same turn. To prevent this mechanic from getting out of hand, Magic Boost only works once per turn.

Release goodies

For the release of Akademie Scholomance you will receive donated a legendary cardAnyone who has pre-ordered the card package will also receive a golden legendary card for their collection. But there are also options for non-pre-orders to get card packs: You will find some new tasks in your quest logwho you guys with multiple card packs Reward from Academy Scholomance.

Academy Scholomance Solo Adventure?

The Hearthstone developers (buy now for 0.00 €) will of course not miss the opportunity to publish a solo adventure for Scholomance. When exactly this will be released, we will find out in the near future. But it is certain that that Solo Adventure for free and will reward you with more goodies.

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