New Fable apparently not an MMO

from Andreas Bertits
Shortly after the Microsoft Showcase for the Xbox Series X games, there was a rumor that the new Fable was an MMO. But according to several insiders, this is not true, even if there might be some online elements in the RPG.

The newly announced fable should be a new beginning for the series, as the name shows. It's called Fable and not Fable 4. Microsoft has not yet revealed what this new beginning looks like. Surprisingly, there was a rumor that the game was an MMO. This surprised the fans of the series and not everyone thought it was good.

No MMO but online components

Jez Cordon, one of the leading authors of Windows Central, and Klobrille, a well-known Xbox insider on Twitter and ResetEra, have now both declared that Fable is not an MMO. Rather, we get an action RPG, but it could get some online components. This includes cooperative online interaction with friends. In addition, there may be other online features similar to Forza Horizon 4.

Forza Horizon 4 by the same developer as Fable, Playground, has a shared world where you will always meet other players as opponents. So you can directly participate in online events and deliver hot races. How this could look at Fable is unclear. It may be possible to invite other players to you at any time and experience adventures with them. Or you can see online events in which you can participate with other players. That is not certain, but it would explain why Fable was initially called MMO.

According to Insider Klobrille, it is "nonsense" to call Fable an MMO and people have to stop talking about the game like that. It is simply not an MMO, even if there could be certain online components.

If Microsoft reveals more about Fable, we will surely find out exactly what the potential online features are all about.

Source: DualShockers

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