New film could not be a direct sequel to Prometheus and Covenant

Disney, which owns the rights to the brand Alien have not announced any plans for further films in the series. But director Ridley Scott is still sticking to his idea of ​​a new film.

The alien could return

During a promotional tour for his new HBO series Raised by Wolves, the 82-year-old was also asked about the Alien series. Scott still wants to make another movie. But if he has his way, we don't seem to be a direct sequel to Prometheus and Alien: Covenant (buy now € 8.76 ) experience.

When asked if there is an alien film in the works, he said: "It's ongoing. We have embarked on a path with Prometheus and Covenant to reinvent the wheel. Whether we will return there directly is questionable, because Prometheus really woke up the series, but you know, you ask basic questions like, 'Has the alien himself, the facehugger, the chestburster, all of them run out of breath? Do you need to reconsider the whole damn thing and just use the word franchise ? ' That is always the basic question. "

As before, the new films did not answer how the alien spaceship, which the crew of the Nostromo discovered in the first part of the series, crashed on LV-426 and why it had a load of alien eggs on board. In 2018 rumors arose around a film project called Alien: Awakening that was supposed to answer this question. It is uncertain whether Ridley Scott is still pursuing this plan.

If a new film wasn't a direct sequel to Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, then we would never know what became of the android David and the colonists on board the spaceship Covenant. The end left some questions unanswered.

It is also unclear whether family-friendly Disney will continue such a dark and sometimes brutal series of films as Alien.

Source: Forbes

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