This week Nintendo released a new firmware for the Switch. However, since the changes were kept within limits, the first data miners examined the update very thoroughly in order to perhaps find one or the other hidden highlight.

Instead of new functions, Twitter user OatmealDome has now discovered some references to the alleged Pro model of the Nintendo Switch, which is said to be in development at the moment. This includes, among other things, the possibility that the console’s docking station can be provided with an update in the future. The hardware is also known internally as a cradle and has not received a new version since its launch. It is possible that it is a completely new docking station that is delivered with the Pro model. With the designation “CrdA” (Cradle for Aula), the first indications have already been found here. Aula is the internal name for the new Pro model.

According to speculation, the new docking station could have more extensive technology that offers additional performance for the console. The attitude too “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30” could find the dataminers in the current firmware. Another possible indication of the hardware’s supposed 4K output. In March, Bloomberg reported on plans for a Pro model of the Nintendo Switch. In addition to a seven-inch OLED screen, the console will be based on Nvidia’s DLSS technology. Improvements to the CPU and GPU are also planned.

via WCCFtech

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