After a big secret was made about the free game of the week in the Epic Games Store, as in the last few weeks, we now know what it is: Control can now be downloaded for free. From Thursday, June 10, 2021 to the Thursday of the following week, i.e. June 17, 2021, the title is available free of charge to anyone interested. So you can link the action adventure to your account at no additional cost. Attention: This is the normal version of the game, not the Ultimate Edition, so you have to buy the two DLCs separately. Then you can keep the title permanently and play for free. In our test you can read what we think of Control.

The young woman Jesse Faden slips into Control. She ends up in the so-called Oldest House, a mysterious office building that is haunted by a malicious entity. Without further ado, she is appointed director of the facility and now has to restore order. Dynamic shootings are offered in a playful way, enriched with numerous supernatural abilities. The semi-open game world is gradually opened up and new powers give you access to previously closed areas – like in a metroidvania.

Next Thursday, Control will be replaced by a new game that can be downloaded for free. Once again, however, we do not know which title it will be. We will only know which game it is on June 17, 2021, probably at 5 p.m. Then the title will be unlocked as usual.

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