from Sara Petzold
Dataminer has pre-buttoned the APK 0.181.0 from Pokémon GO and made some interesting discoveries, including several new Galar forms of well-known Pokémon. We summarize the results of the data mining for you.

Pokémon GO may soon be growing: Dataminer have discovered various innovations for the mobile app in APK 0.181.0 (via Pokemongohub) and, among other things, discovered various new galar forms of Pokémon already in play. We'll tell you what Pokémon it is and what else the Dataminer found in the APK. Spoiler: There are some potentially exciting things coming up to us. But keep in mind: All information we give you here is preliminary and can change in the live version of Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO: New Galar Pokémon

The following Pokémon could soon be coming to Pokémon GO as a Galar variant:

  • Ponita
  • Gallopa
  • Pantimos
  • Corasonn
  • Makabaja
  • Flegmon
  • Lahmus

Pokémon GO: More innovations with APK 0.181.0

In addition, Dataminer found the following innovations in APK 0.181.0:

  • References to a Halloween event 2020
  • Badges, event icons and banners for the GO Fest
  • new attack: V generator
  • Icons for event buffs
  • Score and leaderboard for group challenges
  • Costumes for lapras and gengar
  • Souvenirs: Confetti and "Pikachu Visor"
  • new section "BuddyConsumables": possibly Consumables for our sidekick Pokémon
  • new effects for confetti and fireworks
  • possible new customization options for the map
  • a cache for the friends list for faster loading times
  • Icons for Shiny and Icognito (is there a shiny icognito?)

What do you think of these innovations? Would you like a shiny incognito for the GO Fest? What do you hope for from the new attack V-Generator? Let us know and let us know what you think in the comments!

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