Although the Xbox Series X is probably the most powerful of the next-gen consoles on paper, a new game is already pushing the device to its limits. The result on the Series S is even worse.

Xbox Series X

The Medium: New Xbox game pushes Series X to the limit

On January 28, 2021, The Medium, a new Microsoft-exclusive psychological horror game for PC and the new Xbox series consoles, was released. The technology experts at Digital Foundry have extensively tested the game on the new consoles and made some interesting observations:

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According to their reports, the new game seems to take its toll on Xbox Series X itself. During the tests, the resolution fluctuated between native 4K and 900p (1,600 x 900 pixels) depending on the game scene. On average, the Xbox Series X achieves a resolution of 1440p (2560 x 1440 pixels). Especially in the computationally intensive split screen scenes, the resolution tends to bend its knees.

On the Series S, the result is even worse, despite the reduced graphics effects. In the scenes with particularly opulent graphic effects, the resolution is reduced to just 648p – such low values ​​are otherwise only known from last-gen consoles.

According to the Digital Foundry, however, this result is not surprising. After all, Xbox Series S and Series X have to render two completely different scenes during the split-screen sequences – that would explain the low resolution. Independent of the console, the game runs at a frame rate of 30 FPS.

No, FPS and refresh rate are not the same! In the video we explain the differences and provide you with a lot of other interesting information:

Raytracing and Co: PC and Series X players get the full program

As a next-gen game, The Medium also makes use of the new graphics technology ray tracing. However, this is not used consistently, but is only available in some locations. Xbox Series S players even have to do without ray tracing completely, because the console's performance is simply not enough. This is particularly noticeable in the reflections in puddles of water. The resolution of the shadows has also been reduced compared to the Series X.

Just beautiful! These games really show off their incredible graphics:

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Even PC gamers should, according to a report from DSOGaming prefer to own a real high-end PC if you want to achieve buttery smooth and constant 60 FPS. In your test you could not even achieve this result with an i9-9900K and an RTX 3080 at high settings and Full HD resolution. Hopefully the developers will improve the performance on both the console and the PC a little.