New game is supposed to bring together the Remedy universe

from Andreas Bertits
According to Sam Lake, the Remedy developer studio is currently working on a new game that will bring together the "Remedy Universe". The tarpaulin for this is said to have been created 10 years ago.

With the recently released AWE DLC for Remedy's action game Control Alan Wak comes into play. That became apparent some time ago. But the development studio has even bigger plans.

A new game joins the Remedy titles

On Remedy’s website, Creative Director Sam Lake writes: "We have had a crazy dream for over 10 years. The idea that the stories told in some of our games would be interconnected – an interconnected world of stories and events common characters and a coherent lore. Each game is an experience in its own right, but each game is also a gateway to a larger universe with exciting opportunities for crossover events. "

At the beginning of the year, Remedy announced a deal with Epic Games to realize a new AAA multiplatform game and a small project. While the Control DLC is now the first step into this cohesive Remedy universe, the upcoming titles seem to expand this further.

Sam Lake explains, "This is just a humble start. We are already working hard on a future Remedy game that will also take place in this universe." He also says: "Slowly, patiently, behind the scenes, we have planned and planned to make this a reality. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to tell you that the time has now come, the first concrete step on this path and introduce the Remedy Connected Universe. You have no idea how happy it makes me to finally make this announcement. "

When we will learn more about this title is not yet certain.

Source: Remedy website

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