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Nvidia introduces support for DirectX 12 Ultimate with the new driver package 451.48 for GeForce and Titan graphics cards. There are also new G-Sync compatible monitors and some new profiles for the GeForce experience for games like Mafia II Definite Edition and Gears Tactics. The GeForce Game Ready drivers are now available for download.

Nvidia has released a new driver package for GeForce graphics cards. The GeForce Game Ready Drivers have the version number 451.48 and are compatible with all GeForce graphics cards since the GT (X) 600 series and the Titan models. Of the Download for Windows 10 (64 bit) has a size of almost 562 megabytes. As a version highlight, Nvidia mentions support for the new DirectX 12 Ultimate interface. This includes compatibility with DXR 1.1. (DXR stands for "DirectX Raytracing") as well as for mesh shaders, sampler feedback and VRS (Variable Rate Shading). Added to this is the hardware-accelerated GPU sheduling. To start support for DirectX 12 Ultimate, Nvidia set up an informative website, where you can also find out more about the individual features.

Monitors and profiles for GeForce Experience

In addition to DirectX 12 Ultimate, a few new monitors from manufacturers such as Asus, Dell and LG have also been added to the list of models tested as compatible with G-Sync. Also new are three Samsung monitors, of which the 2020 Odyssey G7 stands out with a diagonal of 49 inches, which it owes above all to its enormous width. Because the resolution is 5120 by 1440 pixels. Nvidia has also included some optimized profiles for the GeForce Experience in the driver package, for example for the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, Gears tactics and the Definite Edition of Mafia 2.

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