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The release of Minecraft Dungeons is getting closer and closer. The block game in Diablo style focuses on action-packed dungeon crawling instead of building and creating. A new, short gameplay video has now been published on Twitter, which shows the inventory handling and the combat system in practice.

The release of Minecraft Dungeons is getting closer. The Diablo-eske block game from Microsoft is not aimed at building and creating, but at action-packed dungeon crawling. A new, short gameplay video on Twitter now gives an insight into the character specification and how it is handled in practice.

The video shows how a warrior is equipped with a fox-like armor and thus more health. The next thing you see is how the character is equipped with a new bow and fire arrows, which are used immediately. With these little helpers and a fire ax, the player then cuts through hordes of zombies and other opponents.

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Unfortunately the video is a bit short, but you still get a good overview of what exactly is in Minecraft Dungeons (buy now) will happen. Furthermore, it allows a good insight into the visual appearance of the game, because it shows a darker and more dreamy tone than the main game. Not to be neglected are the light and particle effects, which give the game a better ambience.

Microsoft is planning a closed beta test phase for Minecraft dungeons, but it is not yet known when exactly this should take place. However, since the game is scheduled to appear on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this spring, you probably won't have to wait long.

Source: Twitter

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