Aldi wants to know again. In the coming week, the discounter will not only have a new gaming laptop on offer, but also a "performance PC" for the home office. But is it worth buying? GIGA does the technology check!

Medion Deputy P10: New Aldi laptop for 1,360 euros

As soon as there are two new gaming laptops on the Aldi shelves, the discounter announces the next prank. With the Medion Deputy P10, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd will sell another gaming laptop from October 29, 2020 at a price of 1,357.03 euros. A look at the notebook's data sheet shows whether the purchase is worthwhile.

The processor used is an i7-10750H, a current six-core processor from Intel. There is also 16 GB DDR4 RAM, a 512 GB PCIe SSD and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card. A very sensible combination if Medion hadn't saved on the display. The IPS panel only supports a refresh rate of 60 Hz. For a laptop in this price range, it should be at least 120 Hz – especially since the RTX 2060 in combination with the i7 processor offers enough power to achieve higher frame rates in many games.

Windows 10 is already preinstalled on the system, as is typical of Aldi, and there is nothing to complain about when it comes to the connections. 3x USB-C, one USB-A, an HDMI port, a LAN socket as well as a card reader and two jack connections can be found on the sides of the gaming laptop. In addition, it weighs only 2.28 kilograms – almost a lightweight. The 60 Wh battery is also impressive. This allows you to do at least 3-4 hours of office work before the lights go out on the laptop.

Nevertheless: GIGA recommends an alternative. With the Lenovo Legion 5, Amazon currently has a laptop that is similarly well equipped, but has a 120 Hz panel and costs just 1,199 euros. So you save over 150 euros compared to the Aldi model.

You should always pay attention to this when buying a laptop:

Medion Akoya P67064: New "Performance PC" from Aldi

However, if you are looking for a stand PC, you should too from October 29, 2020 get their money's worth with the Medion Akoya P67064. The booth computer from the discounter costs 969.03 euros – Quite expensive for use in the home office. But is the purchase still worthwhile in the end thanks to the hardware?

The short and concise answer: no. Only an i5 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER are used in the “performance PC”, which costs almost 1,000 euros – too little performance for the money. The 1 TB PCIe SSD and the built-in 16 GB of RAM do not change that. The same applies to the "Wifi 6" capable integrated WLAN. After all, Windows 10 is already preinstalled on the PC, and the computer comes with a mouse and keyboard.

If you really only need a computer for the home office, you can use the Aldi model, which is almost 500 euros cheaper. If you are looking for a similarly equipped gaming PC, you will find it at Agando, saves almost 400 euros there. The online shop offers a gaming computer with Ryzen 5 3500X, 16 GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER for just 584.78 euros – Windows 10 is also preinstalled on the PC. A really good deal.

Robert Kohlick
Robert Kohlick, GIGA expert for gaming hardware, PCs and laptops.

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