What happened to the numbers? The name of Microsoft's latest generation of consoles is a bit misleading at first glance, but actually not that complicated.

It was finally presented at the Game Awards 2019, Microsoft's next generation of home consoles: the Xbox Series X. However, this is not the name of the console generation, but the name of the model that will be launched in late 2020.

Business insider spoke to a Microsoft representative who explained the name as follows:

"The name we take to the next generation is simply Xbox, and at the Game Awards, that name was revealed by the Xbox Series X."

So what we saw at the Game Awards is a new generation model that is simply called Xbox itself. We actually already know this procedure from the last Xbox. The Xbox One came on the market in 2013 and was later replaced by the two models Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Microsoft is therefore open to launching further models of the same generation after the Xbox Series X. If you stick to your scheme, a slightly cheaper Xbox Series S with slightly weaker hardware could follow.

Missed Game Awards? We have something for you:

We will probably only find out which great names Microsoft comes up with for other models of the Xbox the Xbox Series X launch in late 2020.

Why does Microsoft choose the somewhat more complex naming? Competitor Sony is much more straightforward. Maybe it's about differentiating yourself from the PlayStation and not always being a number behind Sony. The new Xbox is basically number 4. What are your theories?