Valve did something incredible in February 2017: an announcement in which the number "three" occurred. However, it was about three VR games. The first is in the starting blocks and it will be a half-life game.

The new game is to become Valves VR flagship and carries the title Half-Life: Alyx, The game will be the first in a series of three VR Games. The announcement comes from an official Valve Twitter account, which seems to have been around since June 2019, but it has not gotten around yet:

"We are pleased Half-Life: Alyx, our flagship VR, on Thursday, at 19: 0 o'clock to unveil. We can not wait to share it with you all! "

Alyx Vance

The woman whose cry left us in Half-Life Episode 2 and traumatized us as an emotional cliffhanger for twelve years now. Only replaced by the trauma that generated the knowledge: Gabe Newell can not count to three. Will this game of salvation?

Probably not, even if the story of the game is still unknown, Valve is unlikely to dissolve in a VR game as Half-Life goes on. The game appears among others for Valve's own VR glasses index. The controllers allow grasping objects with individual fingers, a technique that will find its way into Half-Life: Alyx.

According to Ars Technica becomes Half-Life: Alyx Prequel to Half-Life 2, A feature in the game should magnetic gloves who continue the concept of the Gravity Gun. On Thursday (21st of November) We will learn what is correct and what Half-Life: Alyx will really be about.

Why VR glasses still do not really get going:

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Half-Life 3 is one of the most anticipated games of all time. Is Valve taking a liking to bring out a game within this franchise? Will not it always be in the shadow of expectations for the end of the trilogy? Write your opinion in the comments.