New Harley Quinn outfit revealed!

Although many critics and film fans literally tore Suicide Squad in the air, the antihero group in the DC universe was quite a box office hit – and has even won an Oscar, no kidding! A sequel is therefore in the works, staged by none other than James Gunn, to whom we owe the Guardians of the Galaxy in their current form; the director is already familiar with chaotic anti-heroes. The filming is already happening, in Panama an observer has managed to take photos showing some of the novelties of "The Suicide Squad" (the official title of the film). For example, Idris Elba can be seen for the first time in the role of "Vigilante" and Harley Quinn is also hardly recognizable:

Instead of hot pants with a crop top in Suicide Squad and the chaotic outfits from Birds of Prey, Harley in The Suicide Squad apparently uses a blood red dress. It is not yet clear whether this is a permanent fashion choice for the film or only occurs at a certain point. Idris Elba looks like … Idris Elba, his character Vigilante apparently simply relies on militaristic armor like Deadshot (Will Smith) did.

Also seen in the photos: The woman in the dark outfit is Ratcatcher (played by Daniela Melchior), the man with the dots on his clothes Polka Dot Man (played by David Dastmalchian) during the third person motion capture suit King Shark (played by Steve Agee), whose finished look will only be created with the help of CGI. It is a monstrous muscle mountain with the head of a shark.

Suicide Squad members in the movie Suicide Squad by DC Entertainment.

In Suicide Squad the antihero troop looked like this – of the characters shown, only Harley Quinn appears to appear again in Suicide Squad 2.

Source: Warner

The Suicide Squad becomes a reboot – without Will Smith as a deadshot

Due to the critical perception of the first part, the film – this time directed by James Gunn – will be a "complete reboot" according to a producer of the film. Will Smith does not return to the role of Deadshot, which according to Variety sources is due to scheduling conflicts. However, Harley Quinn will be there again and again embodied by Margot Robbie, which probably speaks for the popularity of the character she also played in Birds of Prey. James Gunn took the job outside of the Marvel universe when he was dismissed by Disney over a series of old controversial tweets. He is now part of the MCU again, but before that he will shoot The Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad: The anti-superheroes in the cool Comic Con trailer shortly before the film starts

Who is still playing in The Suicide Squad?

The cast of the new film about enslaved villains, in addition to the members seen in the photos, relies on a colorful range of other villains, who are embodied by all kinds of well-known actors. Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly) plays for example Arm Fall Off Boywho can take off his limbs and use them as weapons. SNL Star Pete Davidson will also play a (presumably) small role as a villain Blackguard to have.

Typical for the brand Suicide Squad, however, one should not look forward to a long presence in the film with many characters – obscure characters are simply built in to let them die and to demonstrate that the Suicide Squad can be quickly replaced.


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