Nintendo fans around the world have been waiting for this moment and now the next direct show has been announced. Animal Crossing players can look forward to a 25-minute showcase for the upcoming title New Horizons.

Since the last E3, Nintendo has been very frugal with information about the upcoming game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Since then, fans have been sliding around on their chairs, waiting for news. Now Nintendo finally has the next appointment Nintendo Direct announced and fans can talk about one 25-minute showcase on the game looking forward.

All kinds of information and video material for the longed-for life simulation are waiting for the fans. The showcase starts here in Germany February 20 at 3 p.m.,

"Tune in on February 20 to watch a 25-minute live stream on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Direct allows a detailed view of the Deserted Island Getaway package from Nook Inc."

Finally more information

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you take on the role of your custom character and move to a desert island. The reason for this was a Vacation package from Tom Nookwhich will be presented in detail during the showcase.

According to the description so far, you can explore the island as you please and set up a house for yourself. On Crafting system should also help you to transform the necessary materials into tools and furniture that you can then use for indoor and outdoor spaces.

So you can start the game with a clear conscience.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: All residents with their characteristics

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released on March, 20th 2020 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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