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The Blu-ray and DVD novelties from Monday, March 30th to Friday, April 3rd. This week there is above all a large smorgasbord of documentaries dealing with topics ranging from unusual sports to Berlin neighborhood film festivals. But also drama is provided with films like "Segel im Sturm" or "An unforgettable summer". Our little fans are also served with, for example, "Lego Jurassic Park" or "Bayala – The Magical Elf Adventure".

With "Le Mans 66 – Against Every Chance " appears A film about a number of motorsport competitions. It is a biopic that addresses the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari. The main roles were played by Matt Damon and Christian Bale. The direction was taken over by James Mangold. The film is released on DVD and Blu-ray as well as UHD Blu-ray.

In "Jay & Silent Bob Reboot"Who would have thought – the reboot for the Jay & Silent Bob films will be released. In it, the two sell marijuana in which they pretend to run a restaurant. However, there is a rapid raid in their unofficial drug shop however, her lawyer tricked the judge into convincing the two of them to free them again, but this ultimately created even more difficulties for the two. (h2)

Thursday March 26th

title genre Buying media providers
360 ° – GEO Reportage: the most unusual spot types in the world documentary DVD Studio channel
Alcohol – The global high documentary DVD Tiberius
Angel Heart 4K UHD Thriller, horror Blu-ray Studio channel
Black and Blue Thriller, horror DVD, Blu-ray Sony
Diva (Digital Remastered) thriller DVD, Blu-ray Studio channel
Elementary – The final season Crime DVD Universal
Girl on the third floor horror DVD, Blu-ray Tiberius
Jay & Silent Bob Reboot comedy DVD, Blu-ray Universal
King of warriors adventure DVD, Blu-ray Tiberius
Le Mans 66 – against every chance Drama, sport DVD, Blu-ray Fox
Le Mans 66 – Against every chance 4K UHD Drama, sport Blu-ray Fox
Lego Jurassic World: The legend of the island of Nublar Animation, children DVD Universal
My friend the clown Drama, youth DVD Tiberius
The Witch Files Fantasy / horror DVD, Blu-ray Tiberius

(/ h2)

Friday March 27th

title genre Buying media providers
The adoptive daughter Erotic DVD AL! VE
Albrecht Snider – what remains (OmU) documentary DVD AL! VE
Instructions for falling in love Comedy, romance DVD Studio Hamburg
Bareilly Ki Barfi – The Book of Love Comedy, romance DVD AL! VE
Bayala – The magical elf adventure Animation, children DVD, Blu-ray Leonine
The Benny Hill Show (8 discs) Special interest DVD AL! VE
The Mountain Rescuers Season 4 (2 discs) Drama, home film DVD Studio Hamburg
Coma Science fiction DVD, Blu-ray AL! VE
German lesson drama DVD, Blu-ray AL! VE
Dick and Goofy – The Twentieth Century Fox Studio Complete Edition comedy DVD, Blu-ray AL! VE
Dr. med summer II comedy DVD AL! VE
Dracula Triple Feature (3 discs) horror DVD Studio Hamburg
Fury – The Adventures of a Horse, Volume 4 Children, adventure DVD AL! VE
The glass of water drama DVD Studio Hamburg
Witches comedy DVD AL! VE
Jason King Crime DVD AL! VE
Crete 1941 – Normandy 1944 documentary DVD AL! VE
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis -Vol. 4th Anime DVD, Blu-ray Leonine
M. C. Esher – Journey to Infinity documentary DVD AL! VE
A trip down the Moselle from a heartache comedy DVD, Blu-ray AL! VE
Panzer IV to attack – 8.8cm flak in aerial and earth combat documentary DVD AL! VE
Prenzlauer Berginale – Kiezfilme 1965-2004 documentary DVD AL! VE
The process – Eberhard Fechner documentary DVD AL! VE
Quiz 3000 You are the disaster! Special interest DVD AL! VE
Schlingensiefs Hamlet Special interest DVD AL! VE
Castle of Terror horror Blu-ray Al! VE
Sails in the storm & ships storm bastions drama DVD AL! VE
Secretaries – Survival 9 to 5, Season 2 comedy DVD Leonine
To Die For – Ready For Anything comedy DVD AL! VE
Dead people sleep better thriller DVD Al! VE
The Incredible Hulk – Ltd. Monster box Action Blu-ray Studio Hamburg
An unforgettable summer drama DVD Al! VE
Wolfsblut – Devil's Canyon of the Wild Wolves adventure DVD, Blu-ray AL! VE
Xanadu Music film Blu-ray Rough trade
The Ten Commandments (Colored Version) drama DVD Studio Hamburg

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Blu-ray & DVD: New this week (March 23-March 27)

WIDESCREEN presents the Blu-ray and DVD innovations from Monday, March 23rd to Friday, March 27th.

Colony: Exclusive clip from the Sci-Fi series

A year ago, alien invaders brought the world under their control. The Los Angeles colony is divided into walled "blocs". The occupiers have installed a transitional government and are strengthening their power through the feared special unit of the "red hats". Former Special Forces soldier Will Bowman (Josh Holloway, Lost) and his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies, The Walking Dead) try to make ends meet with the children. However, her son Charlie has been trapped in another bloc since the invasion. In order to get his child back, Will agrees to a deal with politician Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson, Dr. House): he should break up the resistance. But Katie is secretly part of a resistance cell – and now sees a chance to infiltrate the hated occupiers. The family is facing the ordeal: can they still trust each other? See an exclusive clip from the series here! Blu-ray & DVD: New in stores this week (March 16 - March 20)

Blu-ray & DVD: New in stores this week (March 16 – March 20)

The Blu-ray and DVD novelties from Monday March 2nd to Friday March 6th.