New instance limit and blizzard via bot reports

Just two weeks ago, the developers at Blizzard succeeded in using the "Black Lotus" hotfix for WoW Classic Killing two birds with one stone: The lotus herb, which is now growing more often, is much better suited to the large populations on the Classic servers. In addition, it is now no longer possible to keep an eye on the potential Lotus spawn points with dead Level 1 characters. In general, there are now too many places where the herb can grow to keep an eye on them all around the clock.

But there is in WoW (buy now for € 14.99) Classic and various other areas in which bots hang around in large numbers. Various dungeons such as Stratholme or Gloomy Break are pawned around the clock by the same characters. There are various videos on the net that expose these characters as bots with their always identical procedures, and many more messages that are said to have been sent to Blizzard. Since many of the reported characters are still allowed to mischief in Azeroth even after months, there are always criticisms in the WoW forums that reporting would not work and Blizzard would not respond anyway.

Exactly this accusation has recently emerged Community Manager Thyvene voiced. Blizzard has increased efforts to combat bots in recent months. The use of such bots would clearly violate WoW's End User License Agreement. According to Thyvene, it is still the best way to report the bots in the game.

"By right-clicking to report a player cheating, the best way you can help us remove bot accounts is as quickly as possible. Right-click reports go directly to our team, which then follows up and decides whether penalties are justified. "

Blizzard would like to thank all players for the reports so far.

New instance limit for WoW Classic

A short time later Thyvene quit in a second post a new measure in the fight against the bots:

  • You can now enter a maximum of 30 unique instances (dungeons and raids) per day and per realm.

This restriction applies in addition to the existing limit of 5 instances per hour. If a player now enters a dungeon or raid, the game will check whether they have entered 5 instances in the past hour or 30 instances in the last 24 hours. If so, they have to wait until enough time has passed. All of your characters on a single realm share this limitation.

These limits do not apply to PvP battlegrounds.

WoW community reacts annoyed

How we evaluate this new measure will be added to a separate column shortly. However, you can already state that many players react annoyed and even angry to these two posts (just look at the comments in the two linked posts above or take a look at Classic Reddit). On the one hand, they still do not have the feeling that their reports would really bring anything, on the other hand, the new restriction should also "punish" a whole range of players who do not use bots in Classic.

how do you see it? Are you concerned with this new restriction and can you understand the anger? Let us know in the comments.

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