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If you avoid certain content in Shadowlands and still want to bag the associated Legendary recipes, you can do so with a special item that teaches you a random legendary recipe.

If you are in WoW: Shadowlands craft a legendary item first of all you have to collect the right recipe. There are various sources available from which you can obtain the recipes. But if you don't feel like playing certain game content just for a legendary recipe, you can make do with a special item that has now appeared in the Shadowlands beta: namely the Chronicles of Lost Memories (Chronicles of Lost Memories).

This item works according to the editors of Wowhead similar to that Unbound Reality Fragment for soul bonds and teach you a random Legendary recipe that is not yet in your collection. Although the Chronicles of Lost Memories tooltip explicitly indicates that you will receive a recipe for your class, it is not yet entirely clear whether you can only get general Legendary recipes or also those for individual specializations. In addition, we do not yet know from which source you will get the chronicles. Since this is also a legendary item, you will surely have to put in a reasonable amount of effort to earn one of these special items.

In addition to the chronicles, you have the following options to get legendary recipes:

  • Shadowlands factions will sell recipes once you have gained Exalted Reputation with them.
  • The PvP dealer for honor points also sells you recipes.
  • Ve'nari, the merchant in the throat, has legendary recipes on offer.
  • The "Great Vault" reward box contains legendary recipes.
  • Raid bosses, dungeon bosses and world bosses can drop legendary recipes.
  • You can finally get legendary recipes in Torghast, the Tower of the Damned.
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