New items and level limits for BMAH

from Sebastian Glanzer
So that black market auctions in WoW can no longer be purchased across servers by any level 1 characters, with the pre-patch of Shadowlands only characters of the maximum level are allowed to trade in the black market auction house. In addition, some new items are going to the black market.

With the pre-patch of WoW Shadowlands, which will go live next week (October 14th, 2020), some new items will move to the black market auction house. These include some rare mounts from raid bosses, but also normal rare mobs such as those from Argus. As already announced in advance, the Mighty Caravan Brutosaurus available exclusively on the black market.

In addition, only players of the maximum level can bid on auctions in the black market auction house. This prevents organized groups with level 1 characters from moving gold from server to server or sniping certain black market items.

WoW Patch 9.0.1 – new items in the black market auction house

Illusion: nightmare
Illusion: Chronos

Deep dwellers
Living hell core
Hellfire Core
Cleft worm
Flying carpet
Valarjar Stormwing
Shackled Ur'zul
Evil monster
Mighty caravan brutosaurus

Why are only characters allowed to trade at the maximum level in the black market auction house?
Organized groups have previously been able to scan the black market auction house across servers and buy the items they want, for example to quickly complete their tier 3 set or immediately place the maximum bid on mounts removed from the lootable, such as the Swift Zulian tiger submit.

In order to have gold for the black market auction immediately on the appropriate server, a level 1 character is created on the appropriate server and an auction is scheduled in the normal auction house for an exorbitant sum. Another player from the organized group buys this auction and thus transfers the gold (for an equivalent compensation of course) from one character to the other. This saves these players a guild transfer or circumvents the upper limit of gold that a character may have in a server transfer.

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