The PlayStation Showcase will take place tomorrow, September 9th. Here Sony would like to introduce us to “many fantastic games” and talk about the future of the PlayStation 5. The rumor mill is of course currently simmering about possible announcements and news.

For example, an alleged leak on a new PlayStation Portable was recently published, but it turned out to be a fake. Now the retailer has EB Games a Men-in-Black game for the PlayStation 5 on listed on his side. The title is to be developed by Bend Studio, who worked on Days Gone from 2019, among other things.

Since Sony doesn’t want a successor to Days Gone, Bend Studio is definitely working on another franchise right now. The Men-in-Black films are licensed to Sony Pictures and the rights to the original comic are owned by Marvel. The two companies have already achieved great success by working together in the past, for example when working on various Spider-Man projects. So it could very well be that Sony and Marvel are partnering again here.

The page of the title on EB Games can no longer be found and the retailer has already listed a few games in the past that ultimately turned out to be fake. For example, EB Games had a page for a new Splinter Cell title before E3 in 2018, but Ubisoft has not provided any news about the franchise.

As always, this leak should of course be viewed with caution, but there are a few things that speak in favor of it. For example, more and more licensed games have been announced recently, so the makers of Hitman, IO Interactive, are working on a James Bond game and a title for Indiana Jones is also currently in the works.

We’ll find out if the title really exists tomorrow at the PlayStation Showcase.

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