New Legendarys not available as transmog looks

from Matthias Brückle
Anyone who has already envisioned getting the ultimate Torghast look with a legendary armor set in Shadowlands has to be very strong now: The legendary skins are not available for transmogrification at all. But could that still change?

In Shadowlands, as a WoW player, you apparently have to deal with fashion restrictions if you want to wear the best equipment. Because the new Legendarys that you can specifically build in Shadowlands are not part of the transmog selection of your wardrobe.

This restriction has been active since the Alpha of Shadowlands and with the release on November 23, we can currently assume that it will exist in the live version. This now frustrates many transmog hunters, who of course wanted to unlock the pretty skins to wear a truly legendary set. In Legion, while the looks of the legendary gear were a transmog option, they weren't unique in appearance either.

Complete legendary look not possible in Shadowlands

Many players now hope that the developers will let the Legendarys transmogs go into our closet later in the expansion – after Shadowlands at the latest, the whole thing would be worth it. Since the armor parts all combine to form a handsome, visually coordinated set, the confusion is particularly great. After all, we can only wear one Legendary at a time. For now we will only be able to enjoy the legendary look in one equipment slot.

You can see what the armor looks like in our article on weapons and sets from Torghast.

What do you think of this restriction? Is that a mess? Or not so if the skins are made available later? What do you think? Write to us in the comments!

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