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Nintendo already teased a cooperation with Lego on its social media channels a few days ago, now it has been made public what exactly emerges from this cooperation: Interactive Lego sets with Super Mario. Several of them are to appear. Thanks to a jointly developed technology, the companies combine Lego blocks with Super Mario gameplay.

A few days ago, Nintendo published a short teaser on Twitter and other social media platforms that announced an unspecified collaboration with Lego. We have already reported on this. As is often the case, many interested fans quickly speculated what it could be – a Lego Super Mario game for the Switch? New Lego building sets with Mario? We also thought about it in our weekly Nintendo podcast (available from Spotify, Apple and Co.!).

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Now there is certainty, because Nintendo has a short video on YouTube as well as the press release announced that several interactive Lego building sets with Super Mario are to emerge from the collaboration with Lego. The release is not yet named exactly, but the sets are due for release in 2020.

The Nintendo press release states: "The new LEGO Super Mario product line uses new technology developed jointly by Nintendo and the LEGO Group. This enables an interactive LEGO Mario character to collect coins – in physical levels built with LEGO bricks. It is not a video game another classic LEGO set, but a new experience that brings Super Mario to life in the physical LEGO world. "

How exactly this new "technology" works is shown in the video. It should be possible to combine different sets with each other, so that you can create your own Mario level from Lego bricks and then complete this with the Mario Lego figure. It is possible to flatten opponents including Bowser and collect coins. A timer runs on a small display that is installed in the Mariofigur. The number of coins collected is also displayed there, and the figure also plays typical Mario sounds and melodies.

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