A new mobile offshoot of Call of Duty is currently in development. This was confirmed by Activision Blizzard President Rob Kotisch in a conference call. The new title is being developed by an in-house studio that focuses on mobile games. The studio should also be from Activision Shanghai and Beenox are supported in this.

With Call of Duty Mobile, Call of Duty already has an offshoot for smartphone devices and the title is likely to generate a lot of sales. So it’s no wonder that Activision Blizzard wants to continue expanding towards mobile games:

“We have created our own in-house mobile studio and are currently recruiting numerous new employees at Activision Shangai and Beenox to provide additional support. Together, the teams are working on a new unannounced mobile project in the Call of Duty franchise, which we are very excited about are.”

According to a couple Job postings on the Activison Blizzard Careers page the company is currently looking for numerous talents in the mobile sector. From the UI artist to the producer, everything is still represented here to develop a new “AAA Call of Duty Mobile title”.

It is not yet known which game this could be. Call of Duty Mobile is still getting new content updates all the time, and Activision is unlikely to release a direct competitor for its own product. So maybe we can count on some kind of spin-off.

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