According to reports, Sony could respond to the ongoing “PlayStation 5” shortage with a revised model – and production of the new PS5 version could begin next year.

PlayStation 5

It is now part of the console cycle that Sony gives its current PlayStation model an update after a certain period of time. In the past this was usually the case Slim models that make the console slimmer and a little quieter did. Also a new model for the PS5 could soon come onto the market – this time for different reasons.

PS5: is there a new model coming in 2022?

It is painfully known to gamers that the PS5, despite a record sales start in most regions of the world Out of stock since the release is. The reasons for the ongoing lack of consoles are production problems, a lack of resources (especially with regard to the important semiconductor chips) and other pandemic-related breakdowns.

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According to reports, Sony could now work on a new model of the PlayStation 5 to address these issues. So it would not be about changing the look of the console as in previous generations, but rather primarily targeting the internal components. You could for example, be equipped with a different CPU.

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PlayStation 5: is Sony launching a slim version?

It took four years for the PlayStation 3 and three years for the PlayStation 4 for a slim model to appear. If Sony were to present a new model in 2022, it would only have been two years since the original version was released. But because of the current exceptional situation a version that is easier to produce would make perfect sense. At the moment it is not foreseeable whether the shape of the console will also be adapted at the same time.

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