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from Claus Ludewig
On our own behalf: Since 2002, Google has had its own news website that compiles news from several sources. Now there is a new offer called Google News Showcase, initially only for Android in order to be informed quickly.

In a world in which there are numerous ways to obtain information, news aggregators are ideal, which offer various reports from different sources on one page. Such a portal has been available from Google under the title Google News since 2002.

As the company from Mountainview announced, it will now be a new one Offer called News Showcase give. Here, users should be able to quickly grasp the most important messages on a topic at a glance. Google works directly with publishers for the showcase reports. Initially, the offer starts with compact news messages within the free Google News Android app. In the future, the news showcase will also be available in the app for iOS devices and on the Google website.

Summarized news as story panels directly from publishers

With Google News Showcase, the company works directly with publishing houses so that editors sift through news and summarize them in panels or areas. For example, there is a bulleted summary for individual news items that represents the central aspects of the respective message and links directly to the source for further information. These so-called "story panels" are to be expanded in the future to include additional functions such as daily summaries.

Google News Showcase Story Panels PCGH and PCG (Source: Computec)

At the start, Google Germany is working with 20 publishers in Germany. In addition to Computec Media with websites such as PCGH, PC Games, Golem, Zeit Online, Der Tagesspiegel and the Handelsblatt are also represented in the Google News Showcase. In future, the new news offer will also be available in other countries, always relying on direct cooperation with publishers.

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Collection to Google News:

  • As Google announced, there will now be a new offer called News Showcase. Here, users should be able to quickly grasp the most important messages on a topic at a glance.
  • For the showcase reports, Google works directly with publishers such as Der Spiegel, PCGH and PC Games. The new Google News Showcase function is now available within the Android app.
  • The iOS app, Google Discover and the website will also receive this new news function at a later date.

Sources: Google (1), Google (2)

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